About our company

After I thru hiked the Appalachian trail, I searched for the best ultralight gear possible. The commercial gear I found was designed to sell but lacked my "Keep it simple" and "Less is more" philosophy. So I started designing and making my own gear. I was able to use materials that were higher end than the cost cutting corporations would shun and I didn't need 10 zippered pockets on a backpack. After creating very light and multi use gear, I found a very creative and inspiring group on HammockForums.net to share my passion with. Eventually I started Dutchwaregear.com to produce titanium hammock hardware, DIY supplies, and hammocks.

MakeYourGear was designed with the DIYer in mind. I use to get frustrated at having price from all the different resources, pay shipping from different places in order to make one project. I have designed MYG to be your one stop shop for all your DIY needs. I want to carry specialty fabrics, hardware and rolled goods, but also things for making sheaths and stoves. Also I am making a DIY meal section for people who want to make their own dehydrated and freeze dried meals and even have a specially designed high temperature food safe bag for re-hydrating and cooking meals that you put together with your taste, portion size and dietary needs. We are portioning them in small quantities and we use as basic of ingredients as possible. Our dried tomatoes are just that, tomatoes.

Also we are giving you two ways to shop, you can shop by the standard categories, but you can also shop by the project you want to make. Such as if you want to make a tarp, click shelter and you will not have to wade through all the other products that are non-shelter products. We want to have the biggest specialty offerings while making it easy to search for just what you want.

We want to build a community of DIYers that share plans, designs and tips to produce the best DIY gear. We will provide articles and kits that will make your experience on MYG not only informative but also be a great resource for all your gear making needs.

Lastly we are making DIYing affordable by buying in bulk and passing the saving on to you the consumer. We are offering free domestic shipping for most products of order over $60.